Artichoke for Vegetables Food Makers

Established in 1969, SANCAN has been producing solutions based on the research about food products, their problems of preparation and preservation and how to improve the application of those Condiments, Additives or Functional Ingredients that ensure good taste as well as the perfect preservation and presentation of food.  

The options to satisfy dietary necessities are fortunately very diverse. 

And among all possible alternatives, there are options that favour people’s health and that move forward -no matter how small the step is- to avoid the restrictions that affect the availability of natural resources and a step in order to reduce the factors that cause climate change. 

With Artichoke we are introducing products that imply proteins of vegetable origin and mixtures of functional ingredients for the preparation of vegetable foods with a firm texture but not dry or hard when bitten. This means with a good mouth feel and flavor. 

Our products are very easy to use solutions for all types of agglomerated, formed or stuffed products, 100% from vegetable origin and Clean Label.