Vegan burger | Artichoke

Vegan burger | Artichoke

So that you can learn about the possibilities offered by our products, we have prepared this video recipe in which we explain how to make our delicious Vegan Burger with your own hands.

Here you have all the products for the elaboration of our delicious Vegan Burger in the Artichoke style.


- Cooked chickpea or lentils (550 g.)

- Sautéed onion (100 g.)

Vegetables (carrots, paprika, etc.)  (200 g.)

- Vegetable Oil (50 g.)

- Salt (15 g.)

- Pepper (1 g.)

- Oregano (0,5 g.)

- Water (de 50 a 100 g.)

- VEGANBUR (1 to 5% of total mass) Buy now 

- POLNAT 707 (2 g.) Buy now

Advised manufacturing procedure

1. Grind the legumes and knead all together with the water, the dose of VEGANBUR and the oil until the resulting dough gets properly homogeneous.

2. Add the vegetables (either raw or well drained if cooked), onion, salt and spices to the dough and knead well again.

3. Let the resulting dough repose in the fridge for at least 2 hours. 

4. Keep the burgers and keep them refrigerated.


There are many combinations and variations to suit your preferences. POLNAT 808 can be used in order to enhance colour, and POLNAT 708 or POLNAT 707 can be added for a better and longer preservation. Also, any of the products of the GUTEX range can be added to provide herbal or spices flavours.